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IronMan-Jarvis Theme Version 2 by scrollsofaryavart IronMan-Jarvis Theme Version 2 by scrollsofaryavart
Owing to popular demand comes this long overdue re-edit of my IronMan-Jarvis Theme Desktop. Features:

-fully customizable decks for apps, folders and weblinks
-available in 4 colours- blue, red, yellow, green
-options for both winamp and itunes
-config tool to facilitate all customizations

I think that covers what people wanted out of the previous version of this customization.

Get your weather code from [link]

Theme available in other colours on demand. Drop a comment below with the desire hex code...

EDIT 2013:

Hi all. I continue to be surprised, humbled and overwhelmed by the popularity I am receiving for this theme. I need to apologise on one count at least- I stopped support on this theme long ago (including the on demand colours, it got too much after a while!) and have not revisited Rainmeter designing for a long time. I probably should have uploaded an edit to coincide with Iron Man 3 but I've got other projects to handle. Anyway:

1) I'm not supporting this theme anymore, for now. To download, please use the link at the right. I don't know why people keep asking where to download from.

2) If you're new to Rainmeter and desktop customization, I'm sorry- the theme is not intended as a tutorial and I cannot provide that level of support. But trust me, I learnt how to use, code, and design for Rainmeter amazingly easy. I have no coding background, minimal Photoshop knowledge and yet you are here trying to use my theme. So Rainmeter is going to be very easy to pick up if you get involved- just put in a little effort.

3) I realise from the comments that the current version of the theme probably still has a few bugs to iron out. I promise a fully working, completely customizable theme on the 1st of July, or before.

4) If you do have a request, comment or question to place- in English please? I do not understand any other language (except Hindi, if you're up for that)
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williamszamani Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  New member Student Artisan Crafter
How can i download it
shobhit9769 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  New member
how to wdit visual screen plz give me codes!!!
Such like that i coul add any vi or message in it!!!
Alln1Productions Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
Anggiat20 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  New member
i like it. 
lordkalem Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
can you make a skin thats like magic circles that uses images of text symbles like magic letters as numbers and such. id really like to have something kinda like a alchemist circle from FMA or something like that.

iv looked through the listings of skins on DA and other places through litteraly hundreds of pages and have yet to see even a single one like that.
souravkumar Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
can the circles be animated too?? like a moving one!! please code bata do in case possible hai to!!
YellowishGuy Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
How to change color?!
caaasi Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
DarkSusanoo Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014… for everyone who needs a good tutorial. I take no credit for this video
htrhrth Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
wer is the ironman download file?
Amarok145 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
How do I add my weather location? I have the code but now I'm not sure where to paste it.
Kaz89 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
When we press the link it's for weather code.. where to download the theme from....  
RK12136 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
How do I put the weather code? My weather code is INXX0023
Also, on the central interface, how do I change the 'value1 value2' to some useful apps or folder?
Reply at the earliest.
applejackMLPony Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014
now if only i new how to change the color 
Falcon145 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
How do I change the temperature (the weather one) to Celsius?
Dexsterling Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
Fucking awesome !!
Franz32 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconnosebleedfoxplz: YES
saif00132 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Professional Artist
hi frds. pls. tell me how to intall jarvis on my pc
gelox0912 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Professional Artist
its good 
EmmySalvatore Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is there anyway you could possibly make it bigger? :s It fits on my screen a little small compared to others' I've seen..
rubirubsen Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
How do i change from fahrenheit to celsius?
a9600 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
its great
rajnish6813 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014
how can i downloadthe theme?
psytapia Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student Photographer
<font><font>no encuentro el link de descarga sx</font></font>
bista69 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
<font><font>sate facendo un ottimo lavoro bravi</font></font>
nobodyknowsme29 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
How to open & Install the theme??? Thanks
sindhuk995 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
I have problems naming the websites i want.... plus how do i change the colors?
OtakuAnimeManga2013 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014
CarlosFCN Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
How can i put a city in the weather gadget?
sindhuk995 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
you need the weather link, type in ur city, country, copy the code. Then right click on Jarvis, click on edit skin, then look for "Location", then paste the code. hit save and refresh skin.. and ur done
Vurux123 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
what program do i use to open the file with?
its4anoop Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
good one
yjh1412 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
nice bro
rupert2133 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
kassm Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
how do you add weather 

everaldosantos Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014
A Pessoas perguntam onde baixar pois o botão a direita não funciona. Só baixa no formato de folha branca.
kaiyulfoo Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014
for the Winamp interface, the amount of free space and used space is displayed as 0
newprogrammer Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
how to make folders in it

lpundeground Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
no lopuedo instalar en mi window 7 como lo abro
saka25 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
to download this file, its simple, first time you must do 

*log in deviant art
*after log in, click the file you want and you can see the download in the right side of the picture :)
diegoandree1 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
gracias :) 
xXZeal123Xx Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
where is the download help me i am retarted
kikebataco1 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
in the right side of the screen, just down of the "Add of the favourites" down say download :D 7.2 mb sorry for my bad english XD
Nikhilbindal007 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
sir if i want to change the browser as you set default for the links as explorer & i want to open them through mozilla so how can i change them
kushvant007 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Student Photographer
in windows 8 how do we install??
necrovaye Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
Very best theme like it
pranamshetty8 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
the bestest theme ever in the life
iamart77 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Student Filmographer
where  green theme?
iamart77 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Student Filmographer
how to comment?
orkofran Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013
how coments?
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